Codechef Goodies!

Hey @admin, Today I got the mail stating codechef goodies site is now active but there are only few goodies there, Is there a possibility of addition of more goodies such as shirts, etc.?


You win 300 laddus on winning a contest and a duck costs 1250. FML!


That duck is not just any duck. Read the description. It is the legendary Debugging Duck. It will talk to you, it will listen to you, and when you’re wrong it will yell “Not like this you dumbo!”, but it will never leave your side. With this, your days of pulling your hairs while debugging are behind you. Go for it. You will not regret.


Edit: You can find the details here:

We have taken great care and effort to make these goodies for you. We had received multiple complaints from the community of using the same goodies again and again. People were tired of our t-shirts! Pen drives were too mainstream. And being the geeks that we are, we were having a hard time in coming up with good ideas of doing something different.

So though we we knew we would like to change the goodies, we did not quite know what to bring in. After a lot of pondering, brainstorming and thinking, we decided on these. And making them was not easy at all. It took us a lot of time and effort to get exactly what we wanted this time. Trust us. You will not regret getting them. Try out a few.

Regarding new goodies, certainly we will keep adding them. But then we know now that it is not an easy job. It takes us time. These should suffice for some time to come in future. We believe we have done a good job. We hope you will like them too. Let us know how do you feel about them. And do keep sending us your feedback. We are driven by it.


Yes, that duck isn’t just another duck, it has an emotion attached to it. We programmers need a buddy when we are stuck and they are just perfect. While talking to them you’ll feel them doing the magic. It’s just perfect, get one for yourself. For more detailed explanation on rubber duck debugging refer this


Do Lunchtime winners in top 20 who are not in school get laddus?

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No. Not yet. They get bragging rights and rating points.

So are the tshirts completely removed? I asked for one after the July long challenge and haven’t received it yet.


Right now this is what we have. We were told that people were bored of those teeshirts. So we removed them and added this geeky stuff.

Seriously, its so demotivating that you can’t get anything after getting into top 20 of LC at least it should have been taken care that something costed less than 300 ladoos as we get only 300 ladoos after getting in top 20 in LC and its not very easy for an average contestant to achieve this frequently

And Removing T-shirt was seriously wrong decision because in my opinion t-shirt is most honored prize for a competitive programmer.

Also before this ladoo system goodies were sent to top 20 and now top 20 can’t get any thing (from ladoos of a single contest) it seems codechef is doing some serious cost cutting :stuck_out_tongue: as 1 gets 2 smiley balls after getting into top 20 of 2 LCs .

Its better to have no prizes than this like CF rounds.


In my opinion, CodeChef should at least add one T-shirt for around 250 laddus. People who got bored of t-shirts could redeem something else but removing T-shirt is not a solution as many of us have never won any T-shirt and would like to get that so called boring t-shirt anyway.


Disappointment at its peak !


I don’t really understand the “swag” in stress ball and rubik’s cube . The “swag” part about tshirts was that you could wear them and brag about your achievement . Who is going to know you achieved a rank in long challenge when all you got was a lame rubik’s cube and stress ball :frowning: . Stress balls are like 5 bucks a piece xD .
Maybe the people getting “bored” of tshirts were the ones who entered top 20 on a frequent basis .For someone who did it for the first time , this is a huge dissapointment , after all the months of delay they could have come up with something much much better than this .


Win 4 contests, get a duck free :stuck_out_tongue:


its not something which i expect to get as a reward i would rather prefer buying it if i ever need it.

leave 4 contests its not even good for 1 contest.


Please add T-shirt,pen-drives,diaries etc. at some reasonable laddus. If other top programmers are complaining that these things are too mainstream,then its better to provide everyone with more options(like the 3 ones) but what is the point in removing the mainstream goods. :frowning:


What about people who have earned goodies before this new system was introduced? will they receive a t-shirt? or just some points?

Here is my bug report (One year ago):

Here is the response from team Codechef:

I didn’t receive anything.
I’ve never received a T-Shirt from a competitive programming website before, and this really means a lot to me.

Again, thanks for everything.


We want those T-Shirts back! And soon too!


“We believe we have done a good job.” Why isn’t there anyone who agrees with you ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Time to leave planet earth…