CodeChef does not restored ratings

I was wrongly penalized in the October challenge and i received an email saying all my ratings would be dropped. It was because my solution was found similar to another solution (This question had over 4500 submissions so it follows that someone could have the same trivial logic). (My solution) (Other solution)

I have written 6 emails to, explaining in 1 of them how my code was different and how I had submitted on 9th OCT and the other was submitted on 2nd. A lot of other difference as well. I didn’t get a reply on any of those.

I called up codechef and got a posivtive reply and they said they would restore my ratings when the November challenge ratings were calculated. I solved 5 problems in the November Challenge and was hoping that my ratings for October would be recalculated as well.

I also messaged codechef on FaceBook and got a reply that they would surely restore them

Finally today, the ratings were alculated but my ratings were not restored. They keep someone hanging for a month and finally don’t live up to their words. I don’t think this is done.

I have deep respect for the CodeChef and it’s team and know that they are selflessly trying to uplift the programming culture in India but if you are wrongly accusing someone of doing someone and not rectifying it and then sending an email that ’ If the MOSS has thrown a false warning, please get in touch with us’ is not right. If you are not going to restore them, atleast don’t send us emails that say that you will restore the ratings.

I would like to ask anyone if they have face the same problem and if their rating has been restored or not

Hey Shryans, We have restored the ratings for all the users who were wrongly penalized during October Challenge 2015 and yours were suppose to be restored as well. However, it has not happened and I am sorry about it. I will once again check the issue here and restore your ratings at the earliest.

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Yes they have been restored. Thanks