Codechef does not respond or address my issue

I have raised an issue 2 times on codechef ( here and here ) I have also sent at least 4-5 mails regarding the same . But there is no response from codechef , if you ( codechef team ) are not going to resolve this issue tell me so straightforward . When I first raised this issue on the forum admin’s reply was

“Hey All, It is a mistake from our side and we will rectify it at the earliest. The ratings for all the users affected by it will be reinstated. We regret the inconvenience.”

This is the scenario:

  • I submited a solution to KRIBNUM in FEB LONG , but the problem was later removed.
  • My rating decreased , the rating algorithm considered my submission to problem that was removed from contest
  • I raised this issue , and admin said it was their mistake and they will rectify this
  • My rating was updated back to original
  • After MARCH LONG my rating again dropped ( I did not participate in this contest)
  • I raised this issue again on the forum , I also mailed codechef team about this . Admin told me to contact their team by mail
  • I sent them mail multiple times but I have not received any response.

My question to codechef team is : Are you going to do anything about this issue ?

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Yes, these days they are taking lot of time in replying or not replying at all. This HAS to change!

@sidharth97, Definitely there is a point that CodeChef admins have to take a look at.
But also please do remember that CodeChef is a non-profit organisation that is creating platform for us to develop our skills and also encouraging us by providing some goodies.
So Please allow them some time to look into it and address it.


We will look into the issue. Sorry for the delays.

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Sorry. We will look into this and get back to you.