CODECHEF Debugging Tool



Hope you all are having a Good Time.
I take the Liberty in introducing you to a new Tool called BUGCHEF.

This tool is made for CODECHEF to simplify Code Debugging and Share Test Cases

  • Here you can FIND and SHARE Test Cases for problems which you can use to debug them while Practising.

  • You can Also submit your Own inputs and Outputs for Problems to help other people out.

alt text

There is also a voting system for The Test Cases Provided to Help you Find The most Appropriate Inputs Available.

  • Also, You get +10 points for each upvote and get a -2 for a downvote. Not to mention you also get +5 for submitting an input to a problem. These Scores are used to build our Top Contributors list.

  • You can also find problems directly according to their Contest names also, which makes It very convinient to Practise for Contests Which recently Ended.

  • While Comparing Your Output With The given Accepted output, if there is any mismatch you will get the exact line number where your Output fails.

alt text

To get started :

For Example :



Currently The site has nothing to do with providing any test cases but if you people help then this can proove to be very helpful.

So please provide any tricky test cases which you ever encountered with their Accepted Output and help people.

So, Sign Up and be a Part of This.

If there any bugs or you have some valuable suggestions then comment down below.

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Update : Now find problems even more easily on the problems page. Problems are now available according to their difficulty. Find out here

Thank You.

Happy Coding :smiley:


Just one small request,please disable for all the problems of all live contests,otherwise it’ll spoil the fun and excitement. At the end of the contest users can again submit tricky testcases. Besides that,great job done :). Kudos to your efforts :slight_smile:

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That is already taken care of.

Only past contests and Practise Problems are shown. :slight_smile:

Thanks For your appreciation.


Great job once again. :slight_smile:

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And please upload the code on github too. I checked your github profile but the Bugchef repository there appears empty.

Thank You.

Regarding the Github thing, I will upload it there later.
I need some time for that so that I could fix the code in a way that people can use it only for getting information and not to break the site.


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Yes, right.

The SPOJ toolkit was very useful, I hope this will also be.


One thing…if the problems page displays problems like on codechef according to difficulty then it would be better.

That is indeed a great idea.

Thank You. :smiley:

No problem buddy. :smiley:

Can we get laddus by these points .?

@iamabjain it’s unofficial tool, you won’t get laddus by these, sorry. :frowning:

But you can share test cases to help people. :slight_smile:

Good site, the problem is that someone can post incorrect outputs. Very good site, of much help. You should also be able to modify a test case, in case you have an error or it is very easy.

Its great. BugChef did exactly what didn’t (or couldn’t). Now we can share test input for CodeChef problems as well.

Keep up the good work!

Thank You @alurqiza :slight_smile:

Thank You @theintel


A suggestion: make the website mobile friendly: like StopStalk or UDebug. That’d enable users to debug on-the-go.

Can u renew it