Codechef-crawler | Tool to download all codechef solutions


While doing lots of Competitive programming, I decided to contribute for open source. After doing lots of research I thought why not I start with codechef. Hence I make my own tool in Python which is completely opensource.

Codechef-Crawler is a tool to download all your code submission from and store them locally with a well-structured manner. Please refer below link to know more about its usage.



  1. Download all soultion from Practise and Contest section of codechef.
  2. Solutions are downloading by using Multithreading concept which makes it faster to download in parallel way.
  3. Open-source
  4. It’s Cross-platform which makes it to execute in any operating system.


alt text


Used idea from


If you have found a bug or have an feature request, feel free to fork and code it. And don’t forget to send pull requests.



@bansal1232 please suggest some tutorials for python web scraping/crawling. I have been wanting to learn it but can’t understand where to start. Please suggest some learning pattern for it as to how to begin, from where to begin and how to go about implementing it.

Hey, great work!
Can you add a feature to download all problem statements of contests specified by a pattern.
Like COOK%% where 0<=%<=9 , would fetch all problem statements of all cook offs, organised in contest wise folders.

would be useful to get problem statements of contests that follow some logical contest code naming.
Like ACM17%%% where a<=%<=z would give ICPC 2017 India on site problems. (After discarding invalid contest codes obviously)

All problems all downloaded contest wise. Please try to run it.

I didn’t follow any tutorial.

Just start contributing some open-source software on python. You will learn automatically. Whenever you got stuck, google is there.

I think you didn’t get it.

I meant that user specifies some contest code pattern and your code should download PROBLEM STATEMENTS of those contests regardless of whether he/she has solved those problems or not.

Ok! I’ll try to update it ASAP.

that would be great, thanks. Do let me know when the feature is ready!

Bro this is not able to download the solutions of other users. It’s not able to log in. Any updates would be helpful :slight_smile:

Thank you @bansal1232 for this Codechef-Crawler.I have learnt something new in web crawling :slight_smile:

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