Codechef Contests regular reminders

Right now, I need to place reminders for every contest I wish to participate. I miss many contests at times, because I don’t check codechef that regularly.

Won’t it be better that codechef sends reminders for all upcoming contests to its subscribers? If there is something like that already, please let me know how to access it.

If isn’t, My strong suggestion to codechef team to incorporate the same. It’ll be really helpful for developing the platform to an even better version of itself!


There’s an option to add to Google calendar.
(Only regular monthly contests though)

Also, you can follow me on Twitter ( for announcements of the Long, Cook-off and Lunchtime contests. Or check my Sunday episodes as I always review the past and upcoming week of contests (

I’ll be writing an app in the future that you can customize what sites and what type of contests you want reminders for. That will be announced on my YouTube/Twitter as well (probably won’t be for a few months though).

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You can use this to add reminders for contests:


i think you should use this app on your android device

@sarthakgoyal12 There should be a option of asking user if he wants regular updates or not.
Because I don’t want codechef to sent me mails regarding contest. Or there should be some way that or something where user can (un)subscribe himself from their mailing list. Hopefully presently I don’t see any mails regarding contest reminder.

@code_report please do web series on contest basis on Youtube that would help a lot :slight_smile:

You can add this chrome extension and not miss any more contests. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks @debjitdbb!

Yes, @kienme, I agree but still, there we have to do it for every contest manually! Won’t it be great if automatic reminders are sent to the subscribers?

Thanks bro! Followed you :smiley:

Yes, that’s what I mentioned… to those who want to subscribe to the reminders, not to everyone…

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