CodeChef Benefit


I saw many website that are not for free.

But why codechef gives us free to learn ,practice & Discuss


Tell us the names of websites in programming that are not free!

Rest of the sites are free, but they show ads(like SPOJ) or take fees from organization or company hosting any contest on their site(like hackerearth).
Many other sites use some other way to earn. But, codechef is totally free. (Why?)

Codechef wants to improve Indian coding community by providing a world-class coding platform where they support Indian coders by providing several perks like cash prizes, goodies, etc. They are also promoting competitive coding at shool level so as to prepare students for international competitions like IOI and ICPC. Indeed, Codechef is doing a pretty good work. You can find more details about codechef here.


Because codechef wants to encourage Indians to code. They want India to do well at competitions like IOI and ACM ICPC.