CodeChef Assistant

CodeChef Assistant

CodeChef Assistant is an Android App which provides useful information to the CodeChef user. It includes 2 modules:

  • CodeChef Rating Predictor
  • CodeChef Attendance Master
### CodeChef Rating Predictor

CodeChef Rating Predictor predicts the rating of the CodeChef user for the current contest if it is going on, otherwise it shows the rating predictions of the past contest, i.e., the previous contest.

So, the user can set his/her goal ( to achieve a certain rating ) for the contest and accordingly go for that as he knows the new rating beforehand during the contest.

CodeChef Attendance Master

CodeChef Attendance Master shows the attendance of the user and helps in determining the progress of the user towards 100% Attendance Participation Reward

100% Attendance Participation Reward

If a user participates (ie. solves at least 1 problem; and even partial solutions are counted) in each of CodeChef’s monthly contests (Long Challenge, CookOff, Lunchtime) in any 12 month period, then they will get 1000 Laddus. That is, if at any point, a user has participated in the last 36 CodeChef Monthly contests (ie. all the three contests in each of the last 12 months), then they will get 1000 Laddus.

So, the user can know how far he/she is to get the 100% attendance participation reward.

![CodeChef Rating Predictor][1]
![CodeChef Attendance Master][2]

Link to the app: [][3]

Note: If you have any query or find any bug, discuss it here.


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