CodeChef as ZCO & INOI Server

Can CodeChef help us conducting the ZCO & INOI as TCS iON is doing very bad since 2 years.


Codechef please conduct ZIO also.

Hurray Madhavan sir said that INOI will be conducted by CodeChef this year.

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Thanks @coder_voder :slight_smile:

@nikhil_chandak even you can check in your inbox.

@coder_voder thanks for the good news.And also they will be providing code::blocks with c++ 11 support and the centres will not be the same. I suggest the centre for Delhi should be IIITD


How does it work?

What? Has everybody got the email?

@teracoder Even I haven’t received the email but yeah, they are going to conduct it on CodeChef!

So, this time we’ll see only one test case rather than the pretests shown in zonals, great and bug free!

I’m glad that there is going to be support for Java. Eclipse and Java 8 woo! Though, the only thing I hate is that I use IntelliJ and not Eclipse

Thanks to Prof. Madhavan for everything.

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