Codechef Android app.

How much time would it take for the Codechef to launch an android app ?


Coding is more user friendly while doing it in laptop than doing in mobile, I don’t think there is any need for an android app at this moment. You can access the website through web browser and and the website is mobile UI friendly so, why need of an App?

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@neilit1992, I agree, coding is easy on a laptop. But I think CodeChef should launch an app for CodeChef Discuss forum.

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Anup sir told me they are going to launch an app so I asked this.

Agree to this

Exact thing going on my mind XD. I mean, well…I don’t find coding using phone much convenient XD. Though it will be useful for reminders (for contest), discuss etc.

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Yup agree, I missed this month’s lunchtime… Reminders will be helpful

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Well its going to be lot useful for me as I do most of the coding on my phone

Reminder for contests, notification for updates on ratings, notification for a comment on your question or answer, upvotes or downvotes and so on, an app for these things would be more helpful.


If you’re active on discuss, yup.

Fridge for Codechef (Offline questions & contests) - Android Apps on Google Play)

I have made a free and open source app for viewing questions and contests for offline usage. Basically I agree with all the points made about others in regards to utility of the app. However, many of these require having internal api and other stuff. Despite that having all the questions accessible anytime in a mobile friendly layout anytime is a real lifesaver. So, if you are feeling bored in a lecture, or just commuting, you can just read questions of long challenge or any other question from practice. This way you can get into the habit of problem solving and hopefully improve your overall coding skills.

The app has the following features:

• See all online contests and read their questions

• Read questions in mobile friendly format

• Save a contest(with all its questions) or a question

• Launch app from any question/contest url

• Directly open any question or contest with its code

• Easily share questions and contests with friends

• Read editorials of supported questions

• Set reminder for upcoming contests

You can star the github repo to show your support at rituraj22/fridge

Download from Google Play

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