Code-Utils : Codechef Problem Classifier and More!

Hey Guys, check out this site . Code-Utils is a problem classifier for Codechef. You can search problems by their name, code, author and tags. Additionaly, logged in users can rate, mark as favourite and add tags to problems they have solved. They can also mark unsolved problems as To-Do.

Also watch out for the Compare feature on the site, which lets you compare any two users on Codechef.

Please contact me, if you find any feature on the site, is not working as expected.


nice1 dude!!!

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@karan173 Really great work. There is one feature i would like to request. Quite a lot of the questions have incomplete tags eg. for some questions tag is given as “admin” only and no further classification is given. Would it be possible to allow users to modify or add extra tags by themselves. I think this will help greatly in the classification as users themselves can contribute tags based on their experience and site admin’s wont have to do any extra work.It would be great if Codechef people implemented this also.

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i think modifying tags is available…i.e adding!!!

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Ah! My bad. I wasnt logged in so couldn’t add tags. I must really appreciate the amount of thought put in by @karan173. Great work!!

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yeah as kunal said, the feature is available, and thanks kcahdog and kunal361!

well done bhatia sir!! :smiley:

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hehe thnx bhai :slight_smile:

kaise kr lete ho sir hamare liye kuch chod do!!

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UI is very good…even better than ahmed-aly …awesome UI!

bootstrap magic. search for it!