Code got copied.

January Challenge 2015:

Hey codechef admin and users please have a look at both the codes and provide me clean chit. iwrote to codechef help support, they didn’t reply

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It is a clear case of copying…also u are the one having submission time later than the other submission…maybe that user is penalized cause u copied his solution. There is no way that you are getting a clean chit.

@kunal361:what is your opinion on these and It was a challenge problem and the solutions had nothing in its algorithm,it was plain take input and print it.Just because of the use of same variables doesn’t mean cheating.With due respect to codechef,I would like to say that MOSS hopefully detects the submissions which are a result of cheating but at the same time there are submissions which are wrongfully penalized.

yup…this has happened in the past as well…write a mail to them…they should revert the ratings…:slight_smile:

I mailed them,called them and did whatever could be done but they were not ready to revert my ratings back.They checked again and declared that I have cheated and it is final.

Hey apptica, We think this has been resolved over the email. If it has not been, feel free to write to us at: [email protected]