code for extending the frame on click

alt text

I want to create a signup form exactly as below…
Where we have two tabs sign in and new account
And it shoud come in a frame like this only
If we click on sign in then we have email id and password fields and submit button
Ad when we click new account the following(ist image) is displayed

Now in the above when we put a check on i am an industry professional then the frame should extend just as following(2nd image):

here you go :

btw don’t just mplement try reading the code and understand too, would be benificial for future.

PS : This is programming forum, not website designing,etc. So your post is off-topic.

Put the second part in a div. and set it invisible initially.

Then listen on checkbox event, and toggle the visibility of the second part in script accordingly.

@skbly7 first f all thankew for ur solution its not the exact answer i was looking for but yes by studying the code ill be able to implement the same…
and yes this is programming forum i knw … and wot i asked was also coding only … though it is of design code… nyways thnx…

@tec yes i understand can u provide me with short sample example f the same

yes i know it is not exactly the same, ofcause css need to be designed by you… :stuck_out_tongue:
and all the best… :slight_smile:

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