Code copied AUGUST 15(Answer ADMIN).

Guys Look at both the codes-

My code--

Other Code--

Copied Right?

Codechef mailed me that they’ll be dropping my ratings because of the copying case.

I told them that I was the first to submit the solution.

They said that still they can’t do anything.

Guys look at the cheater’s profile -

He’s getting penalized in all the contest he has attempted.

Still codechef hasn’t closed the profile as per mentioned in the The Cheating Cases Saga

Despite getting penalized in all the contests,the profile hasn’t been removed.

And I’m getting penalized for all the mistakes he has commited.

I have nothing to lose ,but isn’t this Codechef’s irresponsibility that they haven’t deleted the cheater’s account as they promised in the blog?

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I think it is someone’s backup fake account where he is just testing other’s approach.

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@prrateekk But howcome he could get code of yours without your information. It seems that you have shared your code with him

Hi prateek,

i looked both solution as i mentioned in your old post that at least variable name or indentation should differ in order to claim at codechef

but both codes are exactly same it’s mean that anyone of your friends did it because of jealousy.

because one who don’t know you cant code exactly like you

you may have shared your code with any one of your friend or he knows your password (he may guess)

now you dont have any choice other than carefully participating in september long 15

but now after result declaration your rating will drop by 4600(approx) :frowning:

It is depressing.I did well in the contest.

@prrateekk: If you are using some other online IDE, please check that it maintains your code private i.e. it is only you who can see what you have coded.



  • do you use any online IDE for coding?

  • if yes, stop using them, they does not provide guarantee of security of your code.

  • start using off line IDE i.e. CODEBLOCK, DEV C++,many more…

  • keep changing your password too and make it complex which could not guess by anyone.

  • do not share your login info with anyone

  • I do not understand why people copy code of others? what they want to prove??

Learning is most important thing other than anything.

Yes prateek you are right, due to irresponsibility of CODECHEF TEAM my hardwork of 10 days to solve 6 questions gone vain.
Same user randy_ also copied my DCGAME code (I don’t know from where).
Now just carefully look at it i don’t know you nor randy_ and also you don’t know randy_ but CODECHEF TEAM is so illogical that they are penalizing us.
And also one thing more,
You are saying carefully participate in September long 15,I will be careful but what about Codechef and users like randy_. What is the guarantee that, randy_ or anyone like him/her does not copy codes again.


shame on randy_

send mail to codechef to block that randy_'s id

he/she copied code from two or more a/c

we all strongly support to codechef to take action against randy_ id

It should be blocked and keep track that he/she will not be able to make new id in future on codechef anyhow…

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Some googling can reveal the mystery.

On IdeOne you can find another identical solution

As creation time matches your submission time, I assume that you published the solution on the internet during the life contest. So it’s no surprise that someone can copy your solution.


look at this link probably you have not taken care of your solution this is prateek code and if randy_ can hack your solution then he need not to check for sample input.
means randy_ found your code on ideone etc and submitted here

Same thing happened with me in July challenge. I was not careful while testing my code on ideone, so it got leaked. User ‘fireshot’ copied it, and my ratings were dropped by 2600. Prateek’s incident reminded me of that and today I checked fireshot’s profile and found out that it’s still active. His submission history shows that he submitted codes for DCGAME,CHINSM etc in August challenge, but as those codes are not displayed in his/her profile ,it means his/her submissions are disqualified because of cheating/plagiarism again. His/her account is also fake same as randy_. Strangest thing is that he is not blocked yet.Check his/her submissions history and you will know that he is being penalized for every contest he has participated. Because of such users many suffers every month. True that one should be careful when using online IDE. But why to give them a chance? Do they really deserve to be a part of CODECHEF?
Check this profile admin


@vinod10 I know it’s also a mistake on our part. But, I think there must be actions against those who tend to cheat on regular basis.

I am ready to suffer drop in ratings (this contest could have given me 1000+ to my existing ratings), after all it taught me a good lesson.

From now on, I won’t care for my ratings but the experience and knowledge I gain in a long contest.

Also, I wish if Codechef could make their plagiarism system better.

So what is my fault.I have not given code to him/her,he/she has copied ,why codechef have not deleted the cheater’s account

Why these two account still active? Now Codechef Team is answerless!

because deleting those account does not make any sense. randy_ will again create new account and submit the others code

it seems like he is hacker he hack our submitted code :frowning:

I don’t understand what should i do.
Should i continue with same id or create new one because i do not want “Cheater’s” tag.

@deepak619916 Dude, @admin123 is right.

It’s our mistake too.We should accept it.This time I was definitely getting 1000+ ratings to my existing ,But we should abide by their rules.

All we can do is not to repeat the same mistake again .I won’t ever use ideone again.

I called codechef (number is given in the mail you received) ,the guy in the phone says that it’s your mistake too.
So,clearly things aren’t gonna change and all we could do is appreciate the knowledge and experience we are gaining and just stop thinking about ratings.

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