Code Chef API

@admin , @everyone : I wanted to develop some mobile app’s for code chef ( starting with Android ) and some utilities like maybe desktop arena , statistics collector . Is it possible for Code Chef to expose an API which I could use , or do I need to extract data out of the web pages served . In case I extract data out of the web pages then it will make development more difficult and also the app’s / utilities will stop working when Code Chef changes its web interface .


I’m all for doing this, good luck to you.

Hopefully some admin sees this and responds to you in some way.

In the meantime, BUMP.

Good idea, maintaining my extension would be easier with such API. Maybe we can define what we need as first step :wink:


Codechef API should be a priority feature for Codechef team as it can help Codechef benefit a lot more from community contribution.

Even i want it. I thought about a summer project on codeforces, and I asked about it to Mike Mirzayanaov, but he never replied. Collecting/ Scrapping data from webpages was taking long time. So i had to drop it. If codechef releases its API’s then I can shift it to codechef.

What you want to do as a summer project?

Collecting/ Scrapping data from webpages was taking long time.

I don’t think so, download data from CodeChef cannot be longer than 24 hours I guess.

Nice Idea. I maintain Spoj User Tool and I often need to go through the logs to keep things in check in situation of an UI change. Although SPOJ makes it easier by providing a signedlist for each user (Example), an API always encourages interesting applications.

@betlista: Actually I wanted to make something(which I dont want to reveal now), which asked a choice from user and was dynamic. And it was to be updated during the contest itself.