Closing the forum during contests

Currently the forum is filled with people asking for hints, test-cases and what not .
This happens during every Long Contest.

I think people below a certain karma should not be allowed to post during this time.

What do you guys think ?


Yes ,@avastpulkit there are many case happening just see the discussion section its all filled up with question related to the current contest ,but doing this will not work question having tags related to current contest should not be posted or not allow to post by the admin

tags are added by the person asking asking the question, so you cannot control the tags.

The best thing i know is to report such questions at Also do not attempt to answer those questions.

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ok so there must be option some thing like containg text related to contest

just look at this
just look at this


Reporting each question to the codechef team is kind of an overkill.

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I am agree with @avastpulkit that there should be some restriction for posting a question in forum during live contest.may be same as it should first go to admin for verification like comments goes for approving during contest.

but this is also possible that new programmer really feels some problem to understand the problem statement,test cases,constraints,input output format,they might have tried to post a comment in question itself to clarify a test cases ,clarify a problems sub statement but it would not have posted in problem (admin disapprove that comment). and i think this is problem setter’s responsibility to clarify this dough’s, and explanation of sample test cases and this is not violation of codechef code of conduct.

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This needs to stay at the top till the contest ends.

no I don’t feel anything like this is required.

It is almost round the month, that one or other contest is going on.

So, if there is a new person, who have doubt should wait for a month to find when he/she can post their doubts ??

Hope you understand what i mean…

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@skbly7 look at this , fully fledged discussion with upvotes , even an accepted answer…!!

@avastpulkit bro, i agree on this that some cheating do happen. But this is just because of ignorance by other Code Chef members who know how to solve problems…

To eradicate this problem just closing forum wouldn’t help, because one can ask at other place too like stack overflow, etc. There would be hundreds of links where people has asked questions on ongoing contests.
It is impossible to close every forum.
Rather, members should themselves, shouldn’t involve in doing cheating in any way.

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Code Chef as far as I know already take strict actions which include disabling of accounts of people associated with cheating. Rest it use MOSS to check for plagiarism.
And nothing more can be done truly… :confused:

@skbly7 but after every 10 to 15 min on averge some one is asking for clarification,hints ,test case why dint they ask for code directly than @avastpulkit is right this must be closed

Best way to stop this,

Explain all problems properly and provide enough Test case details…

for example try CodeJam of Google…

their problem statements are easily understandable by anyone and they also enough provide enough test cases
So one have to think the logic to solve the problem.

But in codechef, one have to think a lot first to understand the words in Problem statement, then what the problem means… then he have to solve it…

In codejam Logic to solve the problem is very hard to think…
But in codechef, understanding the question itself very hard…

This is the one and only reason for this problem



Really? Common, there is not a single test case described in problem A in Round 1B…

There problem statement tells exactly what we have to do… Read it again…


These 5 test cases provide you all the info…


It depends on the type of question. The clarifications to a problem statement can definitely be answered keeping in mind not to reveal any hints to the solution of the problem. Moreover I agree that asking hints for the solution is not good and should not be allowed.