[Closed]Very Serious Bug

Found duplicate.

Hello Codechef community
Please make this post reach to admin
I just faced a very serious bug on Codechef. I was just browsing Codechef Forum a few minutes ago. And after clicking on the “view all” button in top contributors section on mainpage, I was just shocked I was logged into @code_voder 's account. This is not so good. I refreshed the page I was back into my account.
This is so serious problem please @admin and TeamCodechef do something about this.

For bugs, codechef has a separate mailing address “bugs@codechef.com” where you can contact them. If you think it’s a bug, then please mail them.

Its not a new bug that you have found i have already reported it here https://discuss.codechef.com/questions/87217/user-account-codechef and i also faced the same problem today. I think its not a serious bug and that is the reason why they didn’t fixed it yet. Btw you can send an email to bugs@codechef.com of which you may not get any reply.

Thanks for informing me it’s Duplicate