[closed] Strange score values for Feb19 Challenge


It seems there is some error in calculating absolute scores for Feb19 challenge problem CHORCKIT.
In the problem statements we have:
“The length of the string S must not exceed 10^6 at any time.”, “There are M melodies … M <= 100”, “Ci <= 1000”. So even if every pretty melody occurs at every position in the resulting string and every melody has the maximal possible pretty value, we can get at most V = 10^6 * 100 * 1000 = 10^11 for each test. Now, the absolute score is V/100, i.e. no more than 10^9 for each test or 5*10^9 for 5 tests.

However currently the best solution shows some astronomic numbers like 22271556114636.004. And what is .004 while we are dividing integer value by 100? Is this just a float-precision issue?
I asked about score values in the problem comments about 20 hours ago, but have no answer still.


Pinged @admin for this.

Hey, the judge has been fixed. I hope your issue is resolved now. Thanks for reporting it!! :slight_smile:

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@vijju123 you can close this question.