[CLOSED] Payment Issue

Sadly, I am facing a dilemma.

I made a big mistake and the payment for my team is still not done. I was busy with my majors and I tried doing the payment today and the SBI account didn’t update the beneficiary and long story short I still have not done the payment.

What I didn’t consider was tomorrow was the last Saturday and NEFT will go through only on Monday.

What should I do now? I have mailed AmritaPuri and is there any chance that I will get a extension till Monday?

(I know this is a big *** up but any help will be highly appreciated)?


Thanks for helping out guys. I mailed AmritaPuri and they told me to go forward with IMPS. I did that and my payment was later confirmed on Monday(27-11-2017). :slight_smile:

How you did the payment for online round?
I already had the beneficiary in my bank account as I did the payment for online round.

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I did the payment from my friends account. He had the limit set to Rs 500. :frowning:

Oh :confused: Now lets see what the Amritapuri Officials say !

You can do IMPS transfer to their account. It takes only two minutes. I did IMPS transfer for both online and onsite payment.

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same happened to me and 90 other participants cause no confirmation link was sent to us which was written on website

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@horcrux2301 Call them and also drop a mail with the screenshot of the payment and explain your problem to them. They will definitely give some solution to your problem.

Email: icpc[at]am.amrita.edu

Phone: 0476 280 9402 / 9405

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I deleted this question. Don’t know how this still exists.

@codex0196 I mailed them and they told me to go forward with IMPS payment which was confirmed later on Monday(27-11). Thank you for helping out.

I didn’t know at the time of writing the question that IMPS was an accepted as a form of payment. Later I mailed them and they told me to go forward with IMPS.