[CLOSED]Is it possible to postpone COOK83 to some other time,maybe next day, due to the Champions Trophy 2017 final between INDIA and PAKISTAN on Sunday?

[CLOSED]Is it possible to postpone COOK83 to some other time,maybe next day, due to the Champions Trophy 2017 final between INDIA and PAKISTAN on Sunday?
PS:It’s a funny and a serious request both at the same time!:stuck_out_tongue:


Hope that was possible!

I don’t think it’ll be changed…
A cricket match is kind of irrelevant when it comes to competitive programming.
I’ll be watching the match; the timing of COOK-OFFS & L-TIMES doesn’t suit me anyway…

I dont think match will last that long india will easily beat pakistan till 9:30 :stuck_out_tongue:


@divik544 truely said bro… india will beat them before 9:30 for sure

lol…true :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there any way to watch this match online? Missed previous matches.

use hotstar app or www.hotstar.com for live streaming… but match will be 4 min delay @fallandrise

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They haven’t changed the timings for much more serious reasons.
So i think it’s a no :frowning:

Pak supporters don’t mind it :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish they changed it. Can’t keep away from both these things.

Sort your priorities, brother.

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@admin please respond asap,we are eagerly waiting for your reply!

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I understand your concern, I understand the importance of such a cricket match for most of us Indians, but I don’t think that admin will change the timings.

This is because -
People from all over the world take part in Cook-Off. I know that Codechef is India-based and gives a lot of benefits to Indian participants, but Codechef can’t adjust contests timings for the convenience of a particular match of a particular sport. I repeat that I understand the importance of such a match (For God’s sake it’s India-Pak match! Fireworks!) , but it would just be unfair since there may be other matches of other sports in India as well as other in countries. At the end of the day, Codechef is a Competitive Programming platform. It needs to set it’s priorities right. It can’t be run by emotions.

It would be still understandable to ask for pre/pospone if there was another CP contest in some other platform like Codeforces, etc, who’s timing clashed with that of the Cook-Off. But even then, I don’t think that Codechef would change the timing.

This is because contests in Codechef happen systematically. Their date and time for every month is fixed, unlike the SRMs of Codeforces, etc. Cook-Off is always the second-last Sunday of the month from 9:30 pm to 12:00 am and Lunchtime is always the last Saturday of the month from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm. Even in the past, Codeforces has changed the timing for its contest since it clashed with Codechef’s, due to this reason.

Anyway, the match is going to be fun :slight_smile:


Hmm… :3 :3

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It makes me really happy that the admin(s) don’t even care to reply to something like this. Yepp!

20 mins remaining… will the match even last for 20 mins?

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it does not matter now…

yeah u r ri8 @divik544 …match is going to b closed … slight correction swap d words “india” and “pakistan”…!! sorry if it hurts…!!


@divik544 2 mins silence for you!

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