Clojure support needs work

I would like to post my solutions in Clojure, but this seems to be very problematic.
For one, the latest stable release is 1.6, while only 1.1.0 is supported by codechef, which is a serious issue given that the language is relatively young and evolving rapidly.
Moreover, while my code runs properly on my machine, I’m stuck with a NZEC error during submission, and I have no clue whether this is because there is actually some mistake in my code, or if there’s a library function I’m using that is not present in earlier versions of the language.
It would be great if you guys could look into it.

Old/faulty compilers of rarely used languages are completely common here, I don’t think anyone really cares about updating them.

For example, D only has outdated gdc and gives me compilation errors because of writeln().

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this is really sad. creates an uneven playing field, doesn’t it?

Yes, but oh well - the line will always be somewhere. Even if all compilers here were working perfectly, there are still languages you can’t use. Many serious competitions only allow common languages. Some languages are too slow (Python) or contain too powerful libraries. Etc.

In a sense, choosing the right language is also part of competitive programming skill.

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