Classic problems list in Data Structures

Hello World!

Lately, I have been searching for some classic problems on various topics (Trees, Lists, Heaps etc).
I have seen some of the solutions by some experienced programmers here, they use BITs, Segment Trees, etc like anything.

For example, the QUERY, MBOARD problems of the Feb challenge to name a few

I want more problems on various DS and algorithms, like what I would rather call as some mandatory problems in one’s programming career; could you (the experienced programmers) please list some good problems either on SPOJ, Codechef, or wherever that you feel taught you something in your early learning phase.

It would be of great help.
I am having an eye on the related problems posted in Editorials after a Long Contest, but I want more, more in a specific sense.

Right now, my learning curve is somewhat a straight line with intercept ZERO and with a slope less than unity. I want to take the maximum benefit of this period of my life to learn many things efficiently and implement them as well, and throw my learning curve to look like some rising exponential curve.



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Have you tried Project Euler? That is a good website, which contains lots of mathematical problems. Solving them, of course, needs algorithmic and DS skills. Lots of problems in there. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I am solving problems on ProjectEuler as well :slight_smile:

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