CHORCKIT: Is the test data generates as is informed in the problem description?

I was confused about the reason of continuous Wrong Answer verdict, until I submitted this

[1] and get a Runtime Error verdict.

Without the assert, the program is getting wrong answer.

However in all datasets, the lower bound of X >= the upper bound of R

Please check this.


Posting any code on this forum related to an ongoing contest is strictly not allowed.Please refrain from doing that. And , you might have used up some ‘x’ which has now become less than ‘r’ itself. :slight_smile:
I want to clear up more things related to code and other things, but I am not allowed to, according to Codechef Rules of Conduct :frowning:
@vijju may look into this :slight_smile:

You forgot to take a as input in the above code.
I also got SIGABRT error when I made (R<=X) assert.
My Code

I thought no hints/idea(s) are given during an ongoing contest ?! : D

I think this code provides no information so I posted it, is this still violates the rules? If so, I apologize for it, but I don’t have any idea else to show the problem, since the contest is nearly ended.

Also I used assert just after the input.

Hey, aryanc403 has cleared your query :slight_smile:

His comment is :- You forgot to take a as input in the above code.
I also got SIGABRT error when I made this assert.

I used scanf to read 5 integers, as is described in the problem.
*d means you just read and the number won’t be sent to you.


In the generation of the 5th test file, R is generated uniformly randomly in [10^3, 5*10^4].
Sorry for the inconvenience.


really nice Challenge problem though :slight_smile: Great Work !!!:slight_smile:

Cool …

Hey @whzzt

The contest is extended for two more days. So do not worry. Also, if you have any query, I would request you to post in as comment. The author @deluxurous will reply you there :slight_smile:

Happy Coding.