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actually this question is not regarding any particular topic AS such… i m a starter in d vast world of coding. wen evr i look around i see a lot of languages, c,c++,python, java,ruby,haskell (to name some)… i jst want comments that which language to proceed… each of this language looks promising bt can go wid 3 or 4 at most if i want to go to pro level… so if ny1 can recommend which languages to proceed… p.s.:-i m least intersted in web scripting…

hi @azimuthal ! very true, you have a lot of options!
But, frankly choice of language is pretty much dependent on you. Whichever you are comfortable with, you can proceed! But still if you want to know, you can easily observe that most people use/prefer following languages:

  • C
  • C++
  • java
  • python
Now the choice for the language is totally up to you! but while deciding your language you can consider various factors like:
  • Syntax and functions available
  • See if it is object oriented or procedure oriented,
  • large datas are comparatively easier to handle in python, than in java and, than in C/C++
  • Input-output methods, overall speed etc!
So, go for anyone of these! I personally suggest that you start with C or/and C++

All the best.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Don’t think about picking up 3 or 4 in the very beginning. Start with one good language and proceed. Later you will learn any other language in no time.

C++ is used by a majority of programmers worldwide due to its STL and speed. Next comes Java and Python (executable pseudo code). Check the popularity in Google Code Jam 2013 here. You can watch languages used by % users for each round.

PS: First improve your English language, and avoid SMS lang. while asking questions on the forum, then talking about programming languages would make more sense. :wink:

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Maybe the graph for qualification round is not so important - there is almost no timelimit - I used 6 languages in qualification :smiley: -

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@betlista >> Many users just submit to make weird records in various languages. :smiley: Kudos to you for the attempt! :wink: