chennai acm icpc results

So are the chennai results coming anytime soon ??


mark it icpc2016

Hey sanket407, The site directors are working on the results and will be announcing soon.

It`s on their facebook page.

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Seems like they used a different algorithm this time !!
Top 2 teams from each college

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There are five teams from IIIT- H (International Institute of Information & Technology , Hyderabad) on the first pic itself. They seem to have made a mistake . :frowning:

Result link is pulled? Or is it just me? Are they changing the results?


Yes, they have removed the results.

WHy have they removed the results?

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The result link is pulled.
They selected 115 teams rank wise without considering unique teams rule and the other 5 teams were of rank below 2000 which consisted two teams from Hindustan University itself.
Sudden jump from team rank 546 to some team ranked above 2000.


Quit playing games with our hearts.


Once the list is public, it shouldn’t be changed after that. Otherwise it will have a bad impact on reputation of such a reputed Programming Contest.


The Selection Procedure section in this link Chennai Online Round is the algo for Chennai selection as per last year.
Max teams per institute is 5.

The selection criteria for Cheenai region has been published


Final result is out for Cheenai region

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They recently published another set of results here:

It doesn’t seem to be adhering to the unique teams rule. Am I missing something here?

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Here the selection criteria

It says

the top-ranked team from each Institute is taken and these teams are sorted by their ranking. Select the top 90 from this list.

The list doesn’t seem to reflect that.

You may post on their facebook page or write them an e-mail.

It doesn’t seem that anyone is going to register for chennai region next year.
Hindustan University has proved that they are not capable of organizing.
Pehle pata hota toh kissi aur mein bhar dete yaar!! :frowning: