CHEFPRES - Submission still running

I submitted a solution for CHEFPRES around half an hour ago, and its status has been stuck at “running”. I noticed that no submission for this problem in the last hour has gotten a result… Is there some problem with the judge?

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Yes there is some problem with the judge for this problem only , for rest of problems the judge is working fine .

they are extending the time for submissions to this problem.

keep coding


Even for practice problems the judge isn’t working. I submitted two codes 1 hour back, its still running. When will this be rectified?

An announcement has been made regarding this issue:

15/12/2014, 14:10 IST: There is a
problem with our Pyramid Judge and we
are working on fixing it.
Unfortunately, CHEFPRES is using
Pyramid judge and hence submissions
for this problems are not being judged
currently. We are extending the
submission time for this problem alone
after the contest ends. We are
deciding on the extension time. We
will keep you posted on this. We
regret the inconvenience.

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And without another announcement, contest was extended for 2 more hours…

We had a problem with our Pyramid Judge and it has been fixed. Users were facing the problem for about 1:30 hours and could not make a submission for problems using Pyramid. The issue is now fixed and submissions will be judged now. For users participating in December Long Contest, we have extended the contest for the problem CHEFPRES and submissions will be allowed till 17:00(IST). Please read the contest announcement section for more info. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Thank you for bearing with us.


Practice is lower priority compared to Contest for sure…

@betlista will my overall rating decrease if my submission goes wrong for chefpres? i dont know how ratings will be awarded

No there is no penalty for wrong submissions , the things matters is number of submissions and time taken for submission

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Rating calculation is not easy topic. But I’d say (just a personal opinion), that even if you do not solve the problem in those 2 hours, your rating will increase :wink: What @acodebreaker2 said is correct also, so keep trying without a fear :wink:

i think the number of submissions and time taken for submission matters in short contests not in long ones

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Do the no. of submissions matter in calculation of rating? It is not written anywhere on codechef… I assumed only the ranking(based on no. of points) mattered…

@gvaibhav21 i mean to say the points gained by you and time consumed to gain those points .

ok… you took me by surprise for a moment :wink:

I am facing the same problem, the Submission loading bar never stops, it keeps on running.
I was submitting the solution of : “Samosa Bhai and his Courier Company”.
Please anyone tell me is it some compiler issue?