chefhack jan13 . every test case is passing … don no still wrong answer is coming on submission

solved it in best possible way i could do
still gives wrong answer
every boundry case has been analysed
of which i can think
any suggestions whats the mistake

The contest is still open . You should have posted for help only after it ends . I will reply once the contest is over . Meanwhile the organisers might be angry that you posted in a running contest . You should not post source code or ask code corrections during the contest .

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ok but after contest we should also get all the test case file
so that we can come to know where we went wrong in logic

but i think codechef doesn’t do that ???

I have deleted this question and will undelete after the contest.

It is the general policy of codechef to not provide test cases against Topcoder and Codeforces.

But you can ask for help and someone who have access to this problem (most probably me) will either provide you this test case or pointed out the error (in case this test case is large and probably will be not helpful to you).

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ok so atleast point out the error so that my mind can get relief

You have already solved it.
So I guess no help is needed anymore :wink: