CHEFBR submission memory limit?

What is the memory limit for CHEFBR solution? Is it even allowed to use almost ~1GB of memory, as few people have done? Here is the pic :
CHEFBR submission

I think the memory mentioned in codechef is Mb and not MB.

It is not the size of source code, Memory limit represents memory allocated by the JVM during runtime of the code…!!

this is no memory limit for the problem because it is nowhere mentioned in the problem , however the source limit is 50000 B


wrong answer :slight_smile:

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how do you say???

There is no memory limit for the problem , it is the source limit

Yeah understood the difference between source limit and what I was thinking as “memory limit”. But sorry can’t upvote your answer as I don’t have enough reputation :frowning:

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“It is not guaranteed that each opening bracket has a closing bracket of same type and vice-versa.”

What does this line mean??
I am getting 2 wrong test cases(12,13) which i am not able to resolve.
May be because of wrong interpretation of this line.

No problem , upvote it when u have reputation :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

This means, in the given input every opening bracket may or may not have its closing bracket of the same type i.e. input can be -1 -2 -3 -4. Here we don’t have closing bracket of all the opening ones.