Chef Cooked something Tasty this time.

Chef really Cooked tasty dishes this time. I don’t know when Chef actually cooked it but it’s a nice move by the chef. Adding the option to submit contest problem in practice mode directly from the past contest question page has something had brought many people comfort from going in practice area and searching for the question code or finding discussion link in bottom of the page and then to the practice link.

Another dish that I noticed was that this time after mistakenly pasting the code into Chef’s submit box and after that changing language doesn’t made my code disappear so I don’t have to paste code again. Though it’s a little thing but still a taste like pickles with your dish.
Thank you Chef for these updates.

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Yup, the submit button at contest version was in high demand. Great that they implemented it <3

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@vijju123 @admin

Really nice feature. Now, one more feature can be added.

If were have done a question after contest then we don’t see a green tick on contest page and problem page.

But it would be really nice if we can see a green tick on problem page after doing it through practice and we have opened problems contest page near submit(practice) button.
And as usual on contest page.

As usual on page

But green tick on