Chef and Strange Matrix


On the contest time, I’ve submitted this problem many times, but got WA every times… :frowning:

Would anybody please tell me, for which case my code is failed ??? Here is my ideone code

this is ur corrected code…there was only 1 tc per file…why did u put it in a while loop…!!!

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I know that, in codechef/codeforces there is only one case per file… but I always do so in both of the site… And they become accepted too, if I don’t make any logical error…

In my code, is it only problem which make me more than 20 submission ???

i just edited that part…and it got AC…mostly the test file had some stray inputs at the end…they almost always have…hence u must follow the input specification that is provided in the problem description!!!

humm… you are right…

My code is accepted now… How silly thing that is !!! :frowning:

Anyway, would you please tell me, what is the exact way to clear map with pair ??? Is it like normal mapping( e.g. map_name.clear()) ??

ya…it is the same!!!

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Thanks… :slight_smile:

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