Chef and Painting doubt...

For the question Chef and Painting in the October long contest, Will a solution that will not give the perfect answer but will a correct answer with more steps than the perfect one be accepted ??? please tell me…

Yeah you will get accepted with partial score , actually this is a tie breaker problem “”" where the best solution will receive one point and all other correct solutions will receive a fraction based how close they come to the best solution “”"


Even I’m confused about the same thing.

The given example can also be solved with less than 12 steps,so probably all the valid solutions get an AC and are scored accordingly.

But then I don’t know why my code (and some others too) fetch a WA.

I am too having the same problem. I know that my code will work for all y cases but still I am getting WA. Does anyone know what’s wrong?

Actually,I just discovered a bug in my code.It got accepted now.
There’s nothing wrong with the problem.

I could have the same problem as you. So if you could give me a test case, it will be very helpful. @grv95

I’m sorry,
I don’t think I’m allowed to do that during a live contest.

ok, i get it. But if you could give anything that i should concentrate more on, would be helpful. @grv95

Vigorously test your code against random data,see where it gives absurd output.

can i use only one approach left-right or top-down such that whole matrix is coloured

can anyone explain me what they have done in test case