Chef and Modulo Game

Can anyone tell in the given test cases like 4 4 .why we didn’t use pair (1,2,1)or(2,1,1),etc .As from these ones we get M=2 rather than M=1;

Don’t ask questions about on going contest on discuss… If you need clarification then Ask in comments section below problem statement… you query will be answered if question is relevant

I solved this question for 100 points, however I had a wrong calculation on an edge case. I think the test cases are weak.

As I tested,the wrong calculation on an edge case is included in the question. I think the test cases may be wrong. I don’t want to explain further because it may suggest solution to other people so I would like to talk to the author by email. If you can please email me at

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Let’s talk on codeforces personal messages ? My handle smit_mandavia

Hi, please discard my comment above, I was actually overthinking and realize that everything runs perfect :slight_smile:
Sorry for the question :slight_smile:

Okay np…

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for n=4 and p=4 if you use any of the pair(1,2,1) or(2,1,1) the value of M you will get is 0 not 2

Yes I am the author of this problem