Cheating proofs in june long!

@admin : This june contest i found out some cheating proofs =>

  • Check out these 2 solutions : first and second
  • Users ranked 16 and 16 in june contest are a/c of same user.

Its disheartening for me to see that my solution have been copied and I have no idea how this happened. May be because I used ideone for coding this. This is seriously too bad. I have always participated in codechef with my full dignity and never ask or share my solutions. Feeling too bad seeing this.


@ankit_ism : Well , what has happened has already happened . However , going forward I would request you to please create a login on ideone and make your code private whenever you use ideone for a contest problem . Cheers, Happy Coding .


I find it difficult to understand how someone could have found a solution on ideone more than 6 days later, and that too on a solution without any relevant keywords. Its my view by the way, and I know you are a genuine coder. Hats off to that coder who must have spend so much time to find solutions on ideone.


well @ankit_ism I think his motto PROGRESS points to rather some other direction .

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I heart fully apologize for the big mistake I have done, actually I accidentally came across this code on ideone.
I request the admins not to take any action against @ankit_ism, as it is entirely my fault.
I apologize to Mr. Ankit as well.

This had happend to me once… if on window… make sure you are on private mode on ideone ! just me 20000% sure about this and you will be safe from it !

As I wrote before, use USER’S mode and NOT PRIVATE -

@admin I heart fully apologize for the big mistake I have done, actually I accidentally came across this code on ideone. I request the admins not to take any action against @ankit_ism, as it is entirely my fault. I apologize to Mr. Ankit as well.


@betlista : Thanks for the correction . Since I don’t use ideone myself , I didn’t know that its the “users visibility” option and not the “private” option that does the trick .

@ankit_ism: I did same mistake, ran my code on IDEONE, somebody accidentally found my IDEONE Solution googling Test-Cases and was disqualified from ACM-ICPC Amritapuri online round. Nobody listened although our team requested many times. But I would really appreciate @prateeksinghal for realizing his mistake. This is how our code at become public or accessible to people . So, be-careful dude.

Also, I am quite disappointed with codechef. Just Tell:

How many Users are aware of it?
Hardly 10 Percentage.

Did CodeChef ever announce officially about it?
Never.I remember Google Code Jam contest landing page do mention abt not compiling code on any online compiler.

Codechef: It would be great if u can add the point “Do not compile code on” on contest page Rule Section. So that all users participating in the contest are aware of it.
Or U can display a java-script alert that contains the above warning message (as soon as users enter into the contest). Believe me, everyone would be aware and cheating chances would drastically minimize.


I guess Codechef can integrate with ideone API such that those using ideone can use it from codechef directly and privately rather than exposing codes publicly.


It’s a good idea…

sorry to ask that question, but, why people use ideone ? is it better than testing locally ? thanks for your answers.


@cyberax )) Agreed! We can test locally using file i/O …

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@all I can suggest some thing.
Like codeforces donot allow the duplicate code to user . Say if some one has been submitted a solution , then make sure that no one will submit this solution again.
If some one try to submit a same solution that codechef already have. Than simply discard it.
May it is possible only for one user on codeforces but we can do something like this to ignore the same code during content .

And punishment must be there .
If some one’s solution found duplicate than simply discard this question for him/her .
Say if some one solved 5 problem and 2 are duplicate than the number of question solved by user will be only 3 , this will be nice punishment .

What do you think admin and others?

@upendra1234: CodeForces technique of not allowing Duplicate Won’t work here. Even If user add an extra-space or one word comment unnecessarily to the duplicate solution, system won’t be able to Detect it. Shortcoming of “Machine Vision”. :frowning:

Codeforces uses it to ensure that user is not submitting the same code accidently. So it matches the hash of the previous files. Like @ritesh_gupta said, if a user just puts a space to the copied file, system will think it is a new file. Moreover there are lots of hashes to match now.So time complexity is high

@ritesh_gupta , @phantom11 thanks , but we need to think something on this…