Cheating practices alert!

So from stackoverflow, people switched to quora to ask questions from Codechef long contests!



Well, sadly, this is something we can’t avoid at all… I only honestly and really feel bad for the person who is asking the question, as he/she will lose anything that could have been earned on such question…

Again, is it worth cheating for a green tick, when 50 or 100 red crosses can provide you with knowledge for life?

I don’t think so and I know that some of my friends here and all top coders here also think alike me…

THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS, and it is clear and obvious that learning things at your own pace, learning from mistakes, reading editorials, is something that also requires a big effort from you… It is only up to you if you want to really grow as a coder and as a person or if instead you want to feel a very partial and bitter joy from seeing a green tick with no effort…

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seriously…i initially thought i wouldnt be able to solve this question…however…after practicing on umpteen cases 20-30 pages of scribbling work…i finally got it…n it felt awesome…will never get that if some1 tells :/…code it…commit mistakes.ask sum1 if u cn what mistakes u r committing if u arent able to get them on your own…and code it…have fun…


@kuruma… Edit this post… Put “there are no shortcuts” in big bold letters!! :slight_smile:


done :smiley: and I agree :slight_smile:

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Is it kinda bad i can’t see how does that question relate to any from the july’s long contest?

I guess it’s probably PROB but i can’t see it.

the question was modified, after I posted it there!

this answer shud inspire all