Cheating on Codechef!!

Hey everyone,

So, I would like to point out cheating on Codechef!! as we know from the past that @raj79 was caught upvoting his own answers but got away with it saying that it’s just a friend from school!! Now a few minutes ago looks like his two new friends came up to life and made a Codechef account and started upvoting him on his answers @king_the_coder and @ashikajain I got all the screenshots which can prove that it was cheating!! Bro @raj79 I’m not here to get the laddus, and I’m not here to be in Top 5, looks like you really like the laddus, bro, by doing these dirty tricks, you can only get few laddus. Try to actually help someone, you will feel much more delight!! @admin can you do something about it or @raj79 you can commit that that was you and downvote all your answers which were upvoted by two of your friends(i.e. you).

I don’t know how to upload the screenshots but I can email if anybody wants or just tell me how to upload them on codechef!!


Well, Thanks for pointing out @kunnu120, I hope admin will take action against such form of cheating…

Even i was surprised to see him suddenly in top 5 because the last time i saw leader board, he was just above me with 108 reputation points (when i saw), today 239 points…

Further, both accounts @ashikajain and @king_the_coder are new accounts, with not even a single problem solved, and they just start upvoting answers of @raj79.

Even @king_the_coder’s all reputation points are just because of @ashikajain and @raj79 's upvotes…

Hope they take a strict action against this.


@taran_1407 exactly

You can also report such users at if you wish to…

They take immediate actions…

No offense, but if I just go by the name “laddus” (Indian sweets), it sounds funny that people are trying so hard for laddus. The chef must have prepared them very deliciously. :slight_smile:

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The laddus might be made of gold instead of edible food :3 . Who knows?

Golden laddu, lol


Have you reported this matter to codechef feedback??

Nothing will happen… They just don’t care… I reported many such cases before but no action was taken… don’t participate on such a useless platform any more… :stuck_out_tongue:

@kauts_kanu they should suspend raj79

A similar thread running is hungry enough for laddus started by @raj79

Have a look there…