Cheating(June long)


Problems of June long 2017 were discussed in this website link text

They were discussing questions from contests since oct 2016.Please do something and make sure that this won’t repeat again.

I didn’t post this during contest in order to avoid many people from copying.


they are also discussing Hackerrank week of code 33 which started today.Today’s problem is easy but each day a new one is unlocked and this will get serious

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Yes that website must be removed and the user should be banned immediately

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yeah the website should be removed asap.

Not just that people there is a youtube channel too which uploaded few video editorial of ongoing problems.
For eg:
I refrained it from posting on discuss as it would have only lead to increased cheating consequences.


It’s a pity that such things are happening. It makes me sad. They remove the thrill of problem solving! They spoil the fun of the contest!! The problems are supposed to be solved by the user himself, not copied from a website! The user is then supposed to see the editorials for the problems he couldn’t solve, upsolve and thus LEARN.

I hope that the necessary action is taken by admin. Great job @hruday968 and @b1tcrack3r for reporting.


Yes! I noticed the same thing during the June Long Challenge and brought this matter to their attention through a text message in CodeChef’s official Facebook page. Even giving hints is out of the rule book, forget explaining algorithms/solutions. Proper actions must be taken against such websites, youtube channels posting hints and solutions.

@admin please do something to stop this.

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