cheating june 2014

have been previously banned by admin in MAY contest because i have been found by someone ragarding cheating case of only 2 questions.So i make a new account.I follow my collegemate Himesh Kumar @ for his excellent coding skills.But this time i got little surprised.Another Coder Mandeep Singh @ have same answers to JUNE14 challenge

  1. & for CHEFZOT
  2. & for
    3) & for FORGETPW
    4) & for DIGJUMP
    5) & for
    6) & for

You can also see their running time and memory…they are exactly same.May be previous challenges have
also same solutions.
Earlier also Himesh Kumar is caught with Kapil Singh @ for MARCH14 ,APRIL14,amd many more contestants

So admin like mee which have 2 questions in common take action to them whom have 6 answers commom.

Also some prvious culprits have not been blocked…(February Contest)

LTIME09 Problem SEAD
By amit09 (amit09)

By orchidmajumder (orchidmajumder)

Both the users are from same university.

COOK43 Problem LPAIR
By poor_coder_nit (poor_coder_nit), 2014-02-16 22:34:44

By kalyan_manit (kalyan_manit), 2014-02-16 23:51:59.

By avmnusng (avmnusng), 2014-02-16 23:56:10

By saurabh_nitb (saurabh_nitb), 2014-02-16 23:43:26.

Please Admin,what u have done to me please kindly do to all the above also.

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Hai sorabhkumar15: let me ask you something-i think you must have spend a lot of time to find out those so called “culprits”.
But what have you earned?? Let them take help from anyone.If they simply copy from someone it is not your loss buddy, but it is their’s. My dear friend i did not mean to OFFEND any one.But i think you could have used this wasted time for something useful.Atleast you could have tried to solve the problems of the previous long challenge.There are questions which have tricky corner cases.

Dear friend I repeat-i did not mean to offend you or anyone. I know i am NOT a great person to advice you. Please use this Forum for some better purpose.I am sure in the long run you will become a better coder than all of the above mentioned if you work well. All the best

** Happt Coding**


I think, this not reason for closing the thread -> reopened…

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i had closed it earlier…dont know y @bipin2 opend it…maybe to make this post…:\

I am sorry for re-opening. Whenever i come to the forum here i can find some other posting such incidences. I just wanted to tell something.I am sorry @kunal361 :slight_smile:
I should have commented.

Opening the old one was a mistake, but writing this one was ok from my point of view. Personally I’m really interested in this cheters especially when I feel, that it’s happening again and again and no-one is doing something with that, that’s really sad. And hiding it (that’s what I feel when you close the thread with “send an e-mail”) is not correct I’d say…

@betlista@admin has clarified time and again that this forum is not supposed to be used for reporting cheating cases…and if any such cases are found…then they need to be informed to them via mail…!!!

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I just opened this just make that post. And one thing i dont understand dont sorabh have any-other job?..He is simply pasting the same post again and again in other older posts. He wants to prove that he is not the only cheater here…:\

@admin u have to change ur anticheating system…and please take action for above users…its a humble request

@bipin2 has any action being taken in previous cases??

@sorabhkumar15: This comment again proves that you have not yet decided to change…Dude why should we bother others? Give them a reply by showing your awesome coding skills in the next long challenge :slight_smile: All the best.Take care

@sorabhkumar15 can u reveal ur identity??Why u behind NITJ?? why u making such stupid acts?? U have 24 hours to tell ,if not i got a report from cybercrime having ur ip address and mac address.Why u cracking passwords first and posting here… to u only ranks of above mentined have been fallen down…So please reveal ur identity soon…better in next 24 hours

@admin I am himeshkumar90 (codechef user since 2012), created a new handle because my account was blocked yesterday so i created a new handle to clarify the whole thing.
As me(himeshkumar90) & mandyjohar23(also blocked) are room-mates,& since we are some of active participants on codechef challenges,so we discussed algo’s for some prblems in this contest and coded separately,which we get to know that was wrong on our part.
This whole post of mine is to make admin know about that sorabhkumar15 and nit10bhasin(of our batch) are 2 accounts of same user.


My friend mandyjohar23 logged in on nit10bhasin laptop about 1 months ago and till JUNE14 it kept logged on. So he copied down all JUNE14 solutions from mandyjohar23 and submitted them by changing the variable names.U can check out the handle nit10bhasin solutions of JUNE14 with mandyjohar23.When we saw solutions of nit10bhasin after contest ended we came to know about it.So nit10bhasin gets frustated and created a new handle sorabhkumar15 and start this thread and focussed about our similarity of algos not the code.

He didn’t mention about nit10bhasin solutions which were exact copy of mandyjohar23.U can check nit10bhasin solved only 3 problems in his last challenge and suddenly 6 problems in JUNE14 in 1-2 attempts only.
I request admin to please look into the matter and punish the main culprit nit10bhasin.We feel guilty on our part for discussing the algo’s in this contest.

Let me ask you @hkumar90 -dont your friend @mandyjohar23 have a laptop? okay leave it- here you say that he logged in last month. Here in codechef one can log in only from one place at a time. So the time your friend logged in from somewhere else for JUNE14 it would have been logged out from nit10basin’s. laptop Anyway this story is turning out to be something else :smiley: Please report it to admin! :smiley:

@Kunal361: i dont know why people are again opening this post. Sorry i am not the one this time :smiley:

@hkumar90 listen to what @bipin2 is saying… @sorabhkumar15 this too…

@nit10bhasin: I was thinking why you were not commenting…:smiley: Now what is that link?