Cheating in STREETTA

Here is one more cheating case in MARCH14 Challenege.
Two persons from same institute “venomous” and “ma5termind” have same code for STREETTA problem of MARCH14 long challenge.

Both are from same institute : National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra

One secured rank 11 in India while other 12th.

Its too shameful to get good ranks like this.

Their whole code is same only variable names are changed.Guys if you can’t code by yourself then its better to first practice and then sit in contest.Getting good ranks like this will not proof to be of any worth to you.

Links of solution :

venomous solution :

ma5termind solution :

These type of programmers just only reduce the quality of good questions.Their accounts should be banned as soon as possible.


Superb observation. They tried very hard to keep it as distinct as possible. Rather than brainstorming for fraud methods such as including fast i/o snippets, using irrelevant variables and functions, blah-blah…, coding own solution would be of much more worth, even if one is able to get the code from somewhere else.


@shashwat001 Yeah,its so bad to see such kind of programmers here on codechef.GOOD programmers work hard throughout 10 days of contest but such programmers spoil all the spirit.

@chandan11111 Hey,why you closed this post .Can i know the reason ?


  1. This is not your original account. Please have the guts to sling mud at other people from your own account. And, I sincerely hope that you have seen this.
    alt text
  2. Littering forum with cheating cases is/has always been not required. You can always mail to for reporting the cheating cases.
  3. There’s always the accused person’s side of story, which can be sincere explanation to what has happened.

Please stop this public defamation on the forum. Let the admins decide who is to blame.


i wrote to codechef about these cheating cases during the contest but sadly no action was taken :frowning:

Stack Overflow doesn’t have rules against these kinds of questions, so neither the admins nor anybody else can do anything about it, unless the questions contain copyrighted material (which was not the case here, the questioners paraphrased the tasks).

The only thing we can do is pointing out in the comments that the problem is a live contest problem, so that people might think twice before writing an answer (I wrote the answer for the first of those question, since it wasn’t clear at all that it is from a live contest).