Cheating in OCT13

Admin please look into solution these two accounts first , second.

That second person did most of the good question on last day by exactly coping first person’s code

and changing variable names.

first_person’s solution of CAOS3 and second person’s solution

same thing happend in KAMAHAMA and may be in many more, I didn’t look more.


@dreamcoder There are more account with same solution as you displayed for CAOS3.
Here it is list : ( not sure about this one )


@Skbly Yeah you are right 3 of them are students of IIIT A (itahir7,styagi280994 and iit2011021)

In fact i did some research on Raman Goyal (asked some of my IIIT A friends) and found out that

he is known for cheatings in contests. He became yellow in tc in his first SRM by submitting 250 @ 249.91

and 500 @ 499.68. His tc handle was raman.goyal.119 which is now
compromised (proof , this is his cached Topcoder profile which don’t exist now)

Such a lame !!!

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@dreamcoder , first of all with itahir7.
It was just a prank to my friends for using that id , I myself was solving questions on that id.
I really apolozise for that.
But I don’t know about @iit2011021.

And I never heard of Rahul Somani before , but he has exact code of me, as if he has copied and pasted from facebook messages.

@dreamcoder, and for my fast submissions I just later copied my solution to my original ID.
And yeah more the main basics CAOS-3 for all solutions are same , how can you say they are copied it is a standard problem. To solve this problem I studied Game theory for 3 three days and you said it is copied great, I am done.

@styagi280994 First of all this question was not a standard one, but if you are saying then let it be but even then two codes can’t be exact copy(difference is only in variable names)

Dude both code have almost same indentation :stuck_out_tongue:

and after seeing these 2 pic you won’t excuse again pic1 pic 2


@dreamcoder, my reference is towards the solutions of Aman Chaudhary and Pulkit. They don’t have same code as me. But for @iit2011021 and @rahul_som1234 I don’t know how they even got my code. I don’t even use ideone.

And by the way please tell me who is the user in pic2.

in pic 2 other user is iit2011021 who else …

@skbly7, your accusations are lame in reference to submissions of Aman Choudhary and Pulkit Goel. Their code is entirely different from the rest of the codes. The flow of the code has to be the same for a standard Game theory problem and you cant blame anyone just like that. I personally very well know of these two persons. They are both yellow on TC. Please do some strong review of the code before pointing out the names. A disclaimer like not sure about this one is not acceptable when you are accusing someone. CodeChef in such case might block their account for no reason at all.


I’m sure that admins won’t block someone’s account just because someone said them to do so… As @dreamcoder stated you can be yellow in TC and still be a cheater… Link their topcoder profiles, if someone participated in 20 SRMs in TopCoder and is still yellow, he is really good (just my personal opinion).