Cheating in LEBAMBOO and ARRGAME2

Here are 2 solutions solution 1 and solution 2 for LEBAMBOO that are exactly alike. my apologies if i am wrong but it is highly unlikely 2 solutions to be so exactly alike in logic and variable names except in one if condition.

I just opened python submissions for lebamboo just to randomly see if i can spot cheating cases and found 2 out of 30 solutions copied within 2 minutes .It is very easy to spot cheating in python as running times are normally very distinct but i can only guess how common cheating cases must be for other more common languages like C++ and C where it is difficult to spot such cases as timings are very similiar (0.00 - 0.06 secs).I think a lot more such cases can be found if we start searching for cases of copying in C++ and C.

@admin please take some drastic measures against such cases as it is very disheartening for others.
Everybody please avoid copying and try to do it on your own as your rank is just a number while what you learn is priceless.

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Cheating in ARRGAME2: these are 2 users with exact same submissions solution 1 and solution 2 for ARRGAME2.The 2 users are harry_iiit and harryi3t.

Infact all the solutions for other 5 questions submitted by these 2 users are same. They might belong to the same user but the profile data describes 2 different users from different colleges. @admin please check and make appropriate decision.

@kcahdog check this post. The fake ids of harry_iiit are already reported.

Stumbled upon another case of cheatting in ARRGAME2 : solution1 and solution2 are exactly same in syntax and logic but with different variable names. @admin please take note

And here is another user with 2 accounts acc 1 and acc 2. are people so jobless that they waste time submitting on multiple accounts just to gain a few places in rankings??