Cheating in JUNE13 DELISH question

@admin: I came across these 2 solutions:
which are exactly the same, even each and every variable is same.
Surely it is the pure case of copying code or any other malpractice.


@anick_gemini : You should make a login on ideone and mark the code’s user’s visibility appropriately . This will make your code invisible to others . You should understand your responsibility for the sake of fairness in the contest .

@anick_gemini: you can if you could enable private button shown on the left side of screen on

Sorry , my bad … I’ll take care of it !!

amazing thing is i did make an account and i do use private settings, still i found my code entirely copied on the ‘recent codes’ link on… strange!?

@anick_gemini , @amitrc : You have to use the “users visibility” option and not the “private” option for making it invisible .

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@prateeksinghal: i apologize for my mistake i got it on ideone accidently just like you. I had no idea whether this solution is correct or not i just submitted the code and it went AC :’( :’( i am really sorry for that. I am participating in codechef from last one year genuinely but this time i have done a mistake. I am really sorry to Anick as well. It is not his mistake. I am really sorry for my mistake :’(

How much more are there ?!!.. We are spending more time discussing cheating than focusing on discussing the algos in the contest itself. I’ll be surprised if the ratings even get updated this month, it looks like everywhere we look cheating cases will be found. You don’t have to be a genius in order to solve problems on your own. Cheating is not just breaking the rules, you’re hurting other people as well, making little importance of the time they put into writing their own code. You’re also hurting yourself by cheating, what does it feel like to be branded as a cheater, I wouldn’t like to be known for that, the easy way is not always the best way. People make mistakes, everybody makes mistakes, but there is always time to correct those mistakes.


oh…ok thanks, i was not aware that there were privacy options above ‘private’.

Using IDEONE without taking adequate measures to protect your code’s visiblity amounts to publishing your code publicly during the contest. So doesn’t it violate Codechef’s competition rules?


Why don’t you use your own PC for compilation?


I believe that contest ratings should not be updated for JUNE13

Ratings should be updated . The cheating cases will happen again next month also . Code Chef needs to do something to minimize such incidents and their effects .


@prateeksinghal : " @admin I heart fully apologize for the big mistake I have done, actually I accidentally came across this code on ideone. I request the admins not to take any action against @ankit_ism, as it is entirely my fault. I apologize to Mr. Ankit as well. "

^ he made the same mistake as you did @prateeksinghal !!!


yeah prateeksinghal. yours too is a case of “pure case of copying code or any other malpractice.” as you very clearly put it.


we seem to have a lot of “sherlocks” on codechef . :smiley:


We are looking into all the cheating cases reported to us for June Challenge 2013. Kindly be patient. We will take suitable action. Meanwhile, you guys focus things that are more important. :slight_smile:

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@admin : Dear sir i think taking action against only those cases which have been reported to you will be a justified decision because there might be several other cheating cases as well which have not been reported to you. So if you have to take necessary action you have to find all such cases otherwise it will not be a justified thing to do.

@Admin: This time i devoted whole 10 days, worked hard and really put my best efforts to this competition. i am really feeling bad after hearing these cheating cases. Ratings should be updated as many of users are genuine too. i will really feel pathetic if ratings would not be updated.

@admin: I don’t think the cheating cases are being dealt with seriously. prateeksinghal’s rating actually increased even after proof of cheating was found for the month JUN 2013:
@anick_gemini: good catch man. :slight_smile: