Cheating in July14 Long Contest

Well I was looking at some solutions of JULY14 problems and what i found that cheating will never get out of our Indian’s Blood that’s why the no of cases is always increasing instead of decreasing.


User Profile : shahnawazahmad Solution : here

User Profile : itsyash Solution : here

So I checked their solutions for other problems and then I found more users and more copied submissions


User Profile : shahnawazahmad Solution : here

User Profile : haccks Solution : here

User Profile : don817 Solution : here


User Profile : don817 Solution : here

User Profile : abhishek1408 Solution : here

User Profile : shahnawazahmad Solution : here

User Profile : rj10 Solution : here

User Profile : shinchan301 Solution : here

User Profile : coderon Solution : here

I dont know who cheated from whom but seeing shahnawazahmad in all three questions I guess he just loves to cheat…

Remember it guys no one can become great in any field by copying others.


Ok I am mailing them the details.

Remarkable similarities. Next challenge question should be to write a program that can find maximum code snippets that look similar. While competing one should protect the code from leaking.


It’s there already . Favourite software for the profs out here in the USA. :slight_smile:


I’d say its pretty good he mentioned their codechef handles here :slight_smile:


@retuor89 : In India too!

Another Case. Ditto Codes

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Hi , I too have seen around 10 exact solutions of problem GNUM after the contest. All solutions with used memory near 137 Mb are same.
They are consecutive on page 2 and page 3 of the visible solutions. I don’t want to name anyone but their solutions are exact copy of one another.

I think codechef should implement a checker similar to hackerrank to identify cheating cases.


@alphaparticle and the community,
last month I mailed and got this reply
"Firstly thanks for bringing all the cheating cases to our notice. We are just in the process of developing a strict mechanism, which will curb the repeated cheating cases in all our contest. We will soon be bringing in the process and once it is in the practice we will take all the cheating cases into consideration and will take apt action against all the users involved in any such false practices.

it will be done soon :slight_smile:


All are same solutions for the question

by different users :frowning: :frowning:


People should take care while compiling their code in Ideone. People don’t make their code private before compiling most of the time making it accessible to everyone.


Some People use 2 usernames 1 for only testing and other for submission. Why codechef don’t block this type of users!!!