cheating in july long

these solutions are same pls have a look codechef and strict actions !!! question is moutain holidays !!


I really can’t understand one thing.Why do people use Ideone,or any other online platform to compile and check their code ? Why cant they just download, C-free/Dev/Visual-studio , or any other IDE on their on system and check. What kinda benefit do you people get in compiling it online , hence creating the possibility for others to cheat your code!


In The Problem, Mountain Holidays, I use code of suffix array from codeforces blog
If others also use code from this blog & if there’s similarly between my & theirs code, will it be cheating? Sometimes it happens. I would request admins to look after this.

In April13 long contest same this happened for the problem Kingdom Unity ( ) . Codechef accused me as guilty & banned me. I mailed them & told them about this. But codechef didn’t take any action about this though they mailed me they will take care on this matter.

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There can be a lot of reasons. For example when I was student I used computer lab a lot, so I used different computer every time.

Using online IDE is not bad, but one cannot make his code publicly available.

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well one reason is that it can show you the results of your code on different compiler versions…for eg. i used ideone this time to figure out a precision error my code was giving for the question CIRKILL while trying to compare two double variables, which was showing different results(without error correction) on my compiler(dev and the one on ideone(gcc 4.3.2)…which pointed me to the right direction…but this time i took real care that no one could cheat, i didn’t upload entire code, just specific functions i wanted to test.

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So you mean … lets search on google, rather than searching in your brain. wo

I see people using Ideone - on their personal computers, with compilers installed – most illogical. Take a look at features Codeblocks or other (real)IDE provide - you are missing them.

Even if one copied the functions from online atleast the main function should be different.


Ohh!!, how it happened :frowning:

Many people have copied this code given on TopCoder forum for Linear-Time Longest-Common-Prefix Computation in Suffix Arrays. Here is the link :