Problem : Meteor

All they did was a : find and replace

PS : All please read CodeChef Code Of Conduct , there is nothing wrong in using third party code , if due attribution is given.


Does it need to be mentioned on the public forum every month? The team will do its work for the cheaters. Why demonstrate an act of shame on a public forum every time?!

Trust the admin team. It has been working on these kind of cases since a long time now.


@avastpulkit: good work

Dont know what people get doing like this, Bad to see new cases like this being reported every month :frowning: admin please take a look into this.

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-_- uhhhhhhh… I’m just making that process a little easier for them… If I notice something odd, I think there’s nothing wrong posting about that here…

@avastpulkit: good work :wink:

NO MERCY with cheaters !!!


A few days ago, there was a notice about 2 people with almost identical codes in DEC Long. It was actually a necrobumped thread from long ago, because not only were they not detected, but the first notice was completely ignored. So YES, it needs to be mentioned.


Then why not start a special place/thread dedicated to these misbehavior cases. And users can report matching solutions every month. Otherwise there are too many questions/posts with the same issue. Example:

Almost nobody checks if there’s already a thread about the same topic. Even if such a thread was made, there’d still be separate threads like this one made every month.


So true and so sad :frowning:

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Ahhhhh the Hipocracy!!!

@avastpulkit: I think you shoud look at your own submissions before pointing fingers


Hi avastpulkit, thanks for bringing it to our notice. We will look into such cases and will take proper action. However, instead of posting them here, if you come across any such instances send them to us at

Both these codes have been taken from this link
They should have mentioned the source though. I can bet more than half of the solutions for this problem have been taken from this link.


My answer to the person who posted this:-
I don’t have any idea how and why this code matches, but I will admit that I use . However I always make sure that the code is set to secret.I did this question 3 days ago and submitted this along with other medium -hard questions today due to some personal reasons. It’s up to the administrator to accept that they want to remove my account or not, because I don’t do programming for ranks or anything else. I code to learn and share what i learn and that’s why I am not shy to admit that I even give codes to people or friends who ask me for it if they can’t understand the concept behind the question. You may de-activate the account or disable it, but you can’t remove my interest in programming. I really don’t care for my account. :slight_smile:
Happy Coding.

P.S- Also, did I mention that the guy asking this question himself has copied code from other sources…?? Whatever… It might be good if he can learn through this.

I don’t think I am obliged to give any more clarifications.


ahhh… as you can see i have not removed any comments as such, The author’s name is still present at the top… And I don’t think I have done anything wrong in copying the code… I have to admit that I could not implement Blossom algorithm on my own… and as you can see I have written sources regularly in my solutions , I just forgot to write in this one because the competition was going to end and i was in a hurry


cheating case-

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It’s like Saying… Aap karo to chamatkaar, hum kare to Balatkaar…!!


How is what you did even related to my case ?? Many people have used that code snippet. That’s not even the complete solution to the problem…
You shared your whole code. And THAT is cheating…

@notaloser I guess you must also googled about this question like this guy and found the code written by Felipe Lopes de Freitas. I am saying because i have seen atleast 10 submissions for this problem using this code. Also you can see that the link is posted above so claiming that that code is yours doesnt seem right

@akkistar Before reporting the cases have a look at your own solutions. All copied from ideone. Is this your real account ?

Your TOURBUS solution is the same as :
Your SEAGRP solution same as the above mentioned above.

Quite shameful !!


oh comeon bro, taking a standard code from any site and using it is not at all a crime, you see I too didnt remove the comments or the author’s name.
A lot of people including me use codes from
Sharing your code with someone else is cheating.
Two people took the same code from a website and used it according to their convenience, so whats wrong with it.
Get over with it bro.