5 exactly same solutions for LEMOVIE in February Long Contest…!!!

  1. - knb_dtu
  2. - farhan867khan
  3. - skybird927
  4. - adijimmy
  5. - tux

Make new additions for similar solutions here :

  1. - symbiosis

Despite repeated blocking of accounts by CodeChef due to cheating… some never learn -_- :frowning: …!!!


Here are more for CHSEQ22 in Feb Long…

  1. - guru2691
  2. - lokendra1994
  3. - qwerty1996 ( possibly lokendra1994’s fake account )

Some users cheats in every contest. I don’t know how they do that . But it affects most of users rank.
codechef should handle strictly with these guys.


I just opened one page of AC submissions for CHSEQ22 and voila, 2 more cheaters :

kapilsingh13 : solution

himeshkumar90 : solution

I opened their profiles and found that they also have the same solutions for DRGHTS and LMATRIX2. And the best part is they have also cheated for REMISS and KINGSHIP in February Cook Off. All their solutions have been same for all the problems i opened so far.

Found these by just looking at 1 page of AC submissions!! Just wonder how many more cheaters are hiding in the remaining 12 pages!!


The above solutions are exact copies of my submissions, How have they obtained my solutions and is there any way to prevent it?
link to my submissions-,vishalkarve15

admin: just check for the timestamp :slight_smile:

@vishalkarve15 Did you use Ideone or any other online coding platform? Please send an email to explaining the situation.

admin : check for symbiosis solution he too has same solution

@adjimmy According to the time stamp @vishalkarve15 's solution was submitted before yours. What do you have to say about that?

you can check for my previous submission where i made the mistake of initialising the gloval array for caching the results as 0 where it sholud be -1 i di used ideone before submitting so they may have infiltrated my solution

@kcahdog yes it was ideone… what should i do?

@vishalkarve15 As i said, send an email to and explain why it is your solution and not someone else’s.Also send them a link of this discussion. @adjimmy your first solution : code 3417177 was submitted at 9.18 pm while @vishalkarve15 had an AC solution (3417146) submitted at 9.16 pm. Also he had been submitting it from around 5.00 pm so your claim of being the first to come up the solution is is pretty weak. You can send an email to codechef people and try to prove your point.

@vishalkarve15 Next time please avoid using Ideone and if you have no other option then login and keep your submissions private. It is very difficult to determine who has not cheated and innocent people may get punished at times.

@kcahdog thanks! :slight_smile: let’s hope for the best

I have used the same implementation of Union find for HDELIVER in easy( ). This implementation is also in the setters solution. I dont know how the other user’s algo is similar to mine

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@logic_max…it is private!!!

Cheaters are cheaters, but those who are claiming that their solutions are genuinely written by themselves. Come on, don’t tell me you don’t have an IDE or a text editor and a compiler. If you are solving 9 problems out of 10 and you don’t have something to test your code locally then its a shame! Don’t come up with lame excuses now.

Some users copied a code from ideone, put their name/handle etc details on the top of the code as comment and submit it. ( as mentioned in an answer on this page itself) Sorry buddies that’s not how you’ll show that you own that code! Get a life.


@vishalkarve15 >> “yes it was ideone… what should i do?” You should first get a life! And then get something to test code locally. Don’t fool around with everyone here.

@kunal361, yes. sorry. I deleted the old comment so that someone doesn’t get confused. It should be private, as it is mentioned in the rules of long contests.

@bugkiller i have checked the submission history for all submissions for LEMOVIE and it is indeed @vishalkarve15 's solution as his submission was the first and he had several previous similar submissions like that. He also wouldn’t have come out and confessed that it was his solution in the comments if he was indeed cheating as he was not caught also.I understand that he should have used Ideone safely but calling him a cheater and saying he is ‘fooling around’ would be unfair to him.

@kcahdog >> I am not blaming him for an invalid solution or cheating; neither have I called him a cheater. I am asking him to code locally.

in a rude manner