Cheating in ENFE2019 and all Major Contests.

Hiii everyone,
I love this community as it is promoting good coding culture to all young coders. But Is it worthy to participate in contests ? I feel no, because many of so called 6 rated coders are copying the same code by sharing to others. Is it recommendable in this community. Many students learn a lot during weeks and participate in these contests. But their work is completely going in vain because of these guys. They may get 5 star or 6 star or 7 star in community. But the bottomline is cheating. I have seen this guys cheating not only in this contest but also in many contests and naming themselves rated coders. I respect this community a lot especially students get so much inspiration from legendary coders like @yashchandnani, @teja349, @cerebrus97 etc. There are many people like this who have been inspiring young coders .

But I sincerely request the admin or codechef community to remove this coders out of this community . So that true talent get appraised.
Solution of Ashish

Solution of Abdullah

Same code copied by two people named Ashish Gupta and Abdullah Aslam . Just change of variables and function names and Starter template. Not only this solution Many solutions are copied by these two people in many contests. They are ranked 1 and 2 in this contest.
Contest Rankings

I feel very bad Our Indian coders are doing like this. That too some experienced coders. I feel very very bad about this.

I also have seen that boy named Ashish is a problem setter too in March Long contest. Is this kind of people community is encourarging

I Dont know if my claim will be there or deleted . But i wanted this community to take care of these type of issues. They have to be penalized compulsory.

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bro, applying similar algorithm doesn’t imply copying code -_-

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Its cleary seen that it was change of variables and some functon names. Okay then what do you have to say for this . Same algorithm / Copy

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The code used by them in their submissions is publicly available here :).


The problem is classic matrix exponentiation. The matrix template is identical in both solutions. I don’t see any problem here.
Perhaps you should try to understand the solutions instead of just finding similarities.


I feel that just because they are highly skilled, people often make it personal and target them. Seen this on Codeforces too. Thought it was in good humour. But a cheating accusation isn’t good humour…

Just a suggestion @leela whether you take it or leave it its up to you. Instead of point out their mistakes or whatever they have done you need to increase your problem solving skills I am not saying what they are doing is right but try to ignore and try to understand their code.They both are good coders and I myself when I am not able to solve a question I always check @ashishgupta code it’s well written and easy to understand. You will not get anything from all of this but you will get allot by understand their code who knows in future you will be able to solve question having same approach. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Yes the Problem is all about matrix exponentiation. Its quite often that the templates may be similar. No wrong in that. I have seen their growth from the start. Its wrong to make false acquisitions especially without even looking at the problem itself.

I am a part of the organizing community of ENFE2019.
All I want to say is that algorithms can be same and if you copy paste code from any online forum, it is no harm.
Kindly, think before posting.


I appreciate your efforts to point out what you thought to be wrong, but it’s not me copying from @ashishgup or vice versa but both of us copying from the same source. According to rules of Codechef and most competitive programming websites, you’re allowed to use any code publicly available before the start of the contest.

I do admit my mistake of not providing the code attribution in the comments, but here they are:

Problem 1

Literally every single solution submitted on that problem is the same, every single person copied it from there. I wonder what made you choose us specifically.

Problem 2

I copy most implementations of existing DS and Algos from Ashish’s repo, so you’ll be able to find a lot more such cases.


Delete this post. Or else it may reach most no. of downvotes in discuss