Cheating in ACM Amritapuri online contest.

Here are two code that are similar.
The second team has shown intelligence and added two functions above “main()” function that is never called from main.
They should be disqualified or not??


They also renamed their variables and did some other trivial stuff, but yes, it’s most definitely copied. I believe this is a case of cheating.


Cent percent cheating. Just did a “find and replace all” and added the 2 useless codes as you pointed out.
@arjunk7 I would suggest that you write an email to the organizers and inform them. Such people such be disqualified and barred from future contests.


@kapildd they are not disqualified
check list 1 and 2 carefully


I am a team member of Codemates2. We tested our code on ideone, and since we were using ideone after a long time, we didn’t notice that the code was public by default. I think that’s how the code got copied unfortunately. If you google search the input cases of the question, you could get to our code with relative ease.

We apologise to everyone for being negligent in using ideone and really wish that the team who copied our code gets disqualified.


hope that u dont get disqualified…:stuck_out_tongue:


It will be very difficult to avoid disqualification as they will argue it is your responsibility as a contestant to keep your code safe. Good luck though

@a1h79 it will be difficult for u to get away with it… last year there was a team in the top 20 i guess which did a similar mistake… they were disqualified too…

The problem is that you broke the rules by sharing the code, too. And there’s no way to prove that it was really unintentional.

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Though I have been disqualified from onsite round for cheating but the following teams also don’t deserve to be a part of onsite round…

List of solutions which are same and they have been selected for onsite too…they have all copied the solution…HOW DID THEY EVEN PASS THE SCRUTINY …??

[List 3]

[List 2]

[List 1]

Same Solutions:

1 a)

1 b)

Disqualify them. I don’t want to see them competing in onsite rounds…SUPERCHEATERSSS!!

Clearly ACM people didn’t do their jobs properly…How did they release the third list without checking…

I will add more if I get time…


All solutions are exactly the same!! Someone forgot to turn their Ideone secret i guess. Good work @acm_cheating

While we appreciate the vigilance and reporting of these cases, there are a couple of things that we need to realise. These should ideally be sent to the Regional team’s admin. And secondly, creating a fake profile for reporting these cases is not appreciated. You must have reported them with your regular CodeChef user id.


This is called actual plagiarism. Not the “taking code of standard problem from internet”. People at ACM-ICPC level must understand this if they want to do something in benefit of programmers.

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@acm_cheating @arjunk7 And I think due to your effort, ACM Amritapuri has taken decision to recheck the codes and find plagiarism in the submissions of selected teams.

Hats off to you guys…