Cheating Cases, Revisited February 14

Its really disgusting.

Admin its high time for tough measures, cheaters cheat doesnt matter its long, cookoff or lunchtime.

I think these users have developed their skills so as to cheat in 3 hr contest.


LTIME09 Problem SEAD

By amit09 (amit09), 2014-02-23 14:21:03.

By orchidmajumder (orchidmajumder), 2014-02-23 14:25:29.

TimeStamps are worth to be noted. Both the users are from same university.


By amit09 (amit09), 2014-02-23 14:25:01.

By orchidmajumder (orchidmajumder), 2014-02-23 13:14:58

Exactly same code. Both the users are from same university.

COOK43 Problem LPAIR

By poor_coder_nit (poor_coder_nit), 2014-02-16 22:34:44

By kalyan_manit (kalyan_manit), 2014-02-16 23:51:59.

By avmnusng (avmnusng), 2014-02-16 23:56:10

By saurabh_nitb (saurabh_nitb), 2014-02-16 23:43:26.

  • This user tried to be smart, just
    changed ll to long long, and some
    variable names.

FEB14 Problem CHSEQ22

By guru2691 (guru2691), 2014-02-14 15:45:33

By saurabh_nitb (saurabh_nitb), 2014-02-14 22:38:25.

By lokendra1994 (lokendra1994), 2014-02-17 14:01:24

These solutions are the in first four best solutions on problems page.
All solutions are essentially same, just function and variable names have been changed.

There may be more cheating cases, CodeChef’s Admin should take some harsh step to set a lesson for them to learn.

There are regular cheating cases, as CodeChef team hasnot done something strict against the cheating cases already reported.


Great work. The last 3 people were already caught. Infact I found that 5 out 9 people(including those 3 above) on the first page for CHSEQ22 had the same code i.e. 5 out of 12 codes on first page were copied. Cant imagine how many more cases are hidden in the inner pages. We really need a Hall of Shame for such people!!


Just one question: how do you spot these cheaters? Do you read all codes or do you use a program?

Just by looking at their solutions. Keep looking at solutions whose running time and/or memory used are identical.

@gdisastery1 These are just the obvious cheating cases. We do all the searching manually but there are a lot of heuristics to shorten the search time for cheaters.

1)All cheaters on CHSEQ22 were there on the first page of submissions itself and had same run time .

2)As far as amit09 and orchidmajumder were concerned , i was going through the rank list for lunch time and noticed that both were from Jadavpur university and both had a total time of 3hr 25 mins. I thought they had cheated but didnt pursue it further. Luckily dubey_ravi caught them.

  1. Other criteria : run time, submission time ,memory consumed and program structure

It might look time consuming but a lot of people are normally reading codes to learn some new things and you can easily notice if something suspicious pops up.

Fortunately Codechef is going to install an automatic system to catch all cheaters from October so it will be fun to see how many more people get caught.


Hii sorry but as this contest does not affect ranking so we were doing it as a team;nothing else.We do other team contests as a team too.
Still,I’m sorry.We should not have done this.


Yes, we were doing it as a team,as they don’t affect ranking. We are sorry.

It is not about ranking! You can solve individually and then discuss as a team later. How will solving more questions ever going to help you?

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We are sorry.We should not have done that.:slight_smile:

Also, some people may want to see them in the rankings and estimate their skills based on that. Team participation spoils it. (It’s fine the other way - it’s hardly possible to score higher individually than in a team.)


It doesn’t affect rank right?
So why you guyz running after submission. Run after learning. You are doing these in a contest which not effect rank. So There is very high probability that you people do these also in the contest that “affect Rank”.


Why are you making comments without knowing anything??I did it because it does not affect rank.I treat this as a practice contest only.Whatever.I have done a mistake.Now I have to hear such stuffs.Can’t do anything :frowning: I have sent an apology mail to codechef admin too.

I understand that you want to use this contest to practice as a team. However it is unfair to a large number of other people who solve this contest individually and want to judge their performance against other individuals. I would suggest you either wait till the contest is over and then solve the questions together as a team with proper timing or look for other team contests on some other sites.You can always take old contests and solve them as a team.

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Surely. As this is the first time and I promise it’ll be the last time,so I guess codechef community will accept my apology for this one time :slight_smile:

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From Codechef’s code of conduct- “You may try to solve a problem as a team, but then make sure that there is only one submission made for a discussed solution in a contest. Submitting the same solution (even algorithm) by the different members of the team or a discussion group is not fair and will be considered as plagiarism.”
I guess its not plagiarism just make one submission when submitting as a team. :slight_smile: