Cheating and deactivation of accounts.

after October long contest many users account is found blocked,reason might be cheating during the contest. Even though this is an individual contest it is quite natural that friends discuss about codechef problems and they solve together,And many of them are not aware that they are not supposed to share their many of my friends accounts who spend most of their time for just coding and reading codechef editorial is found blocked.It will be nice to forgive them once and reactivate their account and make a blog post or discussion post regarding cheating during contests.Give warning to all of them that their account will be permanently blocked if they repeated these kind of practice,and for sure this will become generous decision from the admin.Forgive them once and let them code and have fun.
(sorry for bad english)


Same problem here atleast they must be given warning.

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See the rules given on every contest page. I think there is no need of warnings when everything is clearly written in the rules.