CHEATING : 7 exactly same solution for MIKE3

Here is a list of 7 exactly same solutions made by different users for the problem MIKE3, asked in MARCH14.

Please list some measures that Codechef should adopt to reduce such cases in future.


They are taking the measure by implementing a mechanism that will detect all (nearly) plagiarism issues and will ban such users since OCT 13 long contest. It will be in action soon, as admin had said somewhere.

Please report such cases through mail, don’t spoil the fun of the forum.

alt text


It’s been coming soon for quite a while.


Similar plagiarism can be found for SSTORY question too. Take a look at few solutions on the first page itself. I hope Codechef takes some step to avoid such plagiarism.

Hopefully sooner than all the t-shirts I’ve won and still not received over the last year, lol :slight_smile:


@samjay…tshirts come to u if u have won minimum 2(for india, others…maybe more!!!)…to make the courier charges bearable!!! hope u know that CC is a non profit making org…:stuck_out_tongue:

So, some people don’t get their t-shirts at all, so that you could save money? Smells like fucked up logic to me.

Where does Codechef get money for paying e.g. editorialists? Use the same source for courier charges. Or, if you can’t afford it, then don’t make false promises.

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dude…dont take it the wrong way…they try to minimize the cost where ever they can…CC is funded by Directi…and it gets no money in return…all editorialists, problem setters etc are payed by directi, and all other expenditures are borne by directi!!!

and pls avoid using curse words…this is a respectable platform!!!

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Make new addition to this:


@knb_dtu PLease send an email about this to [email protected] and also give link to this post.

mail such issues to the admin as @bugkiller says…this is not the place where u are supposed to post this!!!

@kunal361 But others should also know about the same so that awareness can be generated among them also…

I think I 've won 6 or 7 by now, and haven’t received any. I do respect it, but I’ve been promised multiple times that I will receive it soon. And fully agree on the false promises as @xellos0 mentions. I don’t need a codechef t-shirt for each day of the week, but just having one, which I deserved according to the rules, would be just great. :slight_smile:


These users must be banned from codechef…

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i actually got my t-shirt on time. so its not that bad… :slight_smile:

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